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What is a legal nurse consultant?
Legal Nurse Consultants are Registered Nurses who can assist in the preparation of medically related litigation and other medically related matters.
Legal Nurse Consultants bridge the gap between the legal and medical communities.
What does the Legal Nurse Consultant bring to the table?
Legal Nurse Consultants with their medical background, are experts at interpreting medical records, documents and medical/legal issues. They have a thorough understanding of the medical issues and how it relates to the litigation process.
Why hire a legal nurse consultant?
The Legal Nurse Consultant can save you time and money by evaluating the case for merit, doing chronologies, medical research and preparing work product for you.
What is the cost?
Each case is different. We work on an hourly rate. Please ask for our fee schedule.
How long does it take to review the viability of a case?
A thorough analysis of the records takes 1-4 weeks. In an emergency situation an expedited review can be completed in as little as 3-4 business days.
Can you find a medical expert for me?
Yes we can. We will discuss with you the type of expert you are looking for and provide you with several experts for you to chose from.